Who doesn’t like a great neon sign? If you are looking for an easy way to add fun to your wedding decoration, then neon signs may be your ideal choice.

There are many ways to add some neon vibes to your reception. Whether you use a personalized sign to name yourself, put a cute heart on the photo wall, or add a place sign in the bar area, neon signs can add fun to your wedding celebration. There are really no rules for using them-it all depends on your creativity and venue!

Here are some of our favorite ideas on how you can incorporate neon signs into wedding decorations.

1. Personalized neon sign with your names

Having a neon sign made with your names – either your combined surname or first names – is a really cute touch that looks fabulous at weddings. It’s a great backdrop to have on a photo wall, or as people arrive at your reception venue. The sign could also be moved and relocated to your dance floor area, providing a great backdrop prop for all those fun dancing photos you hope to capture.

Best neon sign ideas for your wedding
Best neon sign ideas for your wedding

2. Your initials

If you’re keen to have a personalized neon sign but want something a bit cheaper than having your full name written, then having a sign made with just your initials could be the perfect solution for you. You can either have them in a love heart, circle – or probably any other shape you prefer!

Best neon sign ideas for your wedding

3. Cute word or phrase

Sometimes the perfect word or phrase is the right accessory for your decor. Whether you want to add a fun touch to your wedding cake table or have something cute and romantic hanging on a wall, the right words can add the perfect touch.

Best neon sign ideas for your wedding

4. A simple design

A simple love heart. Some hugs and kisses. An ice-cream cone set above your late-night gelato station. A dancing man on your dance floor. What else can you think of? You can really have some fun with neon lights – so get creative and think of the perfect image you want to be lit up.

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