LED neon signs are sufficient for traditional neon lights because they are brighter, more energy-efficient, and can use various light effects. Our LED contains hundreds of small LEDs in a silicone case. Produce high-quality neon products.

Yes, 100% of all signs indicate that our low voltage (12v) and all our LEDs and wiring are contained in PVC pipes. Like traditional neon lights, there is no risk of gas or glass breaking, and our LED neon lights do not generate heat. Touch safely, even for children.

Yes, our neon signs are very easy to install. There are some installation tips for you

1. Hunting on the wall:

In the package, you will find a mounting kit suitable for your sign. The pre-drilled holes in the sign are easy to install on your wall. Or, if you don’t drill the wall, we recommend that you use the 3M Command Strip, which you can easily buy on Amazon.

2. Hanging:

You can also hang the sign from the ceiling. as mentioned, we will pre-drill the bracket accordingly and provide you with a hanging rope.

Our neon signs are available in light yellow, yellow, warm white, orange, blue, green, light pink, red, magenta, purple, turquoise, white. We also provide multi-color (RGB) and gradient color options. If you need this, you need to contact us for special production.

But that’s not all. We just chose the most popular colors. If you can’t find the color you like, please send us a reference picture of the color you like, we may surprise you.

We also provide you with a wireless dimmer, which is inserted between the sign and the power supply, allowing you to easily adjust the brightness of the sign to suit the atmosphere of the room.

It can be used to dim the light, turn the light on and off at a long distance.

Currently, we have prepared 36 different fonts for your custom neon lights. If you have a font you like, we can serve you. We recommend using only monospaced fonts. If you are not sure, please send us your design. We are happy to provide you with advice and assistance.

or our neon design, we usually provide a minimum size of 50 cm in width. We can try some symbols (simple lines) to make it smaller. But larger letters tend to look neater. For neon light customization, the best width we can provide is 50 cm (maximum 6 characters).

The best advice is, if you have any other questions about the size, please send your design to support@neonlytes.com in .JPEG/.PNG format.

All our signs are directly connected to standard power outlets (plugs are available in every shipping country/region) and come with a 12V transformer. Any country, any child can use it safely!

Our LED neon lights are durable and can be used continuously for approximately 50,000 hours. We use the best LEDs on the market to ensure a longer service life than our competitors.

Lots of neat tricks! All our neon lights come with a free remote control, you can turn on/off the neon lights and enter different modes, such as strobe mode, pulse mode and adjust the brightness and speed of the mode.

Of course, we can use waterproof materials, but we do not recommend putting neon lights in the water.

If the product is damaged during shipment, please contact us at the time of delivery, and we will be happy to send a replacement for you.

After the order is shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number from the courier.

At the time of delivery, orders to certain countries/regions may be subject to import fees/duties and taxes. It depends on the country/region you want to order and the size/weight of the product.

This is the standard procedure for any item purchased online.

Import duties will not be charged for most orders, but for those orders, please note that these fees are the customer’s responsibility and do not belong to Neonlytes.