Lighten Up Gym, Beauty, Nail & Hair Salons

The neon beauty logo adds extra features to salons and beauty shops. These hand-made LED neon lights have market appeal. The best way to invite new customers into your beauty salon is to promote you, provide nail care, provide beauty products, or welcome you. Take advantage of affordable signage with a real neon beauty logo for your salon or spa and get the visual impact your business deserves. If you are looking for neon signs to illuminate your store, you have come to the right place.

Custom Neon Signs for Gym

For Gym owners or Gym managers who are looking to enhance the look of their business by investing in custom neon signs, it is important to understand that Neon Lytes can also help. Gym neon signs are one of our most popular products and we have been providing Gyms with custom Gym neon signs for years.

When it comes to Gym, fitness centers, or workout studios a great custom neon sign design will instantly bring added attention to your business.

Custom Neon Signs for Beauty, Nail & Hair Salons

Don’t wait any longer, today is the day you can increase brand exposure by contacting Neon Lytes about your custom neon sign design. We specialize in creating unique custom neon signs for beauty, nail & hair salons.

Make your business stand out by designing a custom neon sign that entertains, informs, and provides yet another reason for guests to return. Our large variety of designs can be customized with your salon’s name, logo & color scheme so you know the sign will represent your business well.

LED Neon Signs from Neonlytes®

We have great and affordable custom pre-made neon signs for you! Learn more about our fabulous collection of room neon signsart neon signsbedroom neon signsbar & beer neon signsfunny neon signscute neon signshome neon signs, etc.

Custom Neon Sign Lights or Neon Logo Online

Our online design maker allows you to be your own designer! You can take full charge of your custom neon sign. Different text, sizes, fonts, colors, packing styles, and dimmer are all available on our online designer-maker. Custom your ideas into real neon signs with our Online Neon Text Builder, or Custom Neon Logo Builder

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  • Aloha Neon Sign

    Aloha Neon Sign

    Lighting up your bedroom or living room with an LED Aloha neon sign

    This beautiful neon word sign would look cool above the bed in your room, or light up the walls of your home. It would also make a great piece of statement wall art in your beachy cafe, creating a real tropical feel!

    Personalize wedding decor with Aloha neon sign

    Spread the love with this gorgeous neon sign. This lit wall art will be the perfect complement to your wedding or engagement party, once again in your newlywed home!

  • Alright Alright Alright Neon Sign

    Alright Alright Alright Neon Sign

    Alright Alright Alright Neon Sign

    The perfect decoration for your entryway, room, or office. Create the ideal vibe for your space with our LED neon signs and lightsOur lights are made of durable and environmentally friendly led tubing that is energy efficient and made to last.  Dim switch to control the intensity of light. Acrylic backing which makes our lights easy to mount and lightweight.  The ambiance a neon light creates is more than just a mood… Issa vibe!

  • Always Kiss Me Goodnight Neon Sign

    Always Kiss Me Goodnight Neon Sign

    Light up your space with led always kiss me goodnight neon sign

    Gorgeous, insanely high-quality neon sign, handcrafted and built to last. Make a statement and elevate the vibe of any room with this gorgeous neon sign, guaranteed to create the vibe you’ve always dreamed of!

    Custom Room decor with led always kiss me goodnight neon sign

    Always kiss me good night neon signs bring your bare walls to life and create a beautiful atmosphere in any room in your home or business. The strong warm light is great for creating an atmosphere, whether you are ready to turn on the lights for a party or spend a relaxing movie night at home.

  • Always Kiss Me Good Night Neon Sign

    Always Kiss Me GoodNight Neon Sign

    Light up your bedroom with Led always kiss me good night neon sign

    Always kiss me good night neon sign give a cool and impressive vibe to its surrounding,

  • Babe You Look So Cool Neon Sign

    Babe You Look So Cool Neon Sign

    Light up room wall decor with Babe, You Look So Cool Neon Sign

    Babe, You Look So Cool Led Neon Art Sign Light Is quiet and has no noise, can be placed anywhere, and instantly becomes a unique art piece and the wow factor to your space.

  • Battery Energy Neon Sign

    Battery Energy Neon Sign

    Battery Energy Neon Sign is perfect to brighten up bedroom, living room, garage, office, Suitable for home, bar, coffee shop, store, dormitory, wedding, party

  • Be Brilliant Neon Sign

    Be Brilliant Neon Sign

    Inspira others with “be brilliant neon sign”

    The root of the word “brilliant” is the Italian “brillare”, which means “bright”. Take a look at how this “Be Brilliant”, which quotes neon lights, does this. It shines more than ever. This is how neon signs inspire others and change the atmosphere of the venue. Promote positivity in your space by allowing others to become their glorious selves in their own unique ways.

  • Better Together Neon Sign

    Better Together Neon Sign

    Light up any events with led better together neon sign light

    We’re always better when we’re together; “Better Together” is an on-trend LED neon sign for weddings, engagement parties & home decor. Use this crowd favorite at almost any team-building function, party, or wedding. It’ll positively light up any event.

  • Better Together Neon Sign

    Better Together Neon Sign Light

    Better Together Neon Sign

    Our custom signs are the perfect decoration for your wedding! We specialize in wedding decor! I will definitely help you choose the very sign that suits the style of your wedding event! Just write me, and I’ll write to you right away!

  • Blue Moon Stars The Night Is Alright Neon Sign

    Blue Moon Stars Neon Sign

    Brighten up the bedroom with the blue moon stars neon sign

    You’ll be over the moon with this gorgeous blue moon stars neon sign light! To create the enchanting look of the night sky simply hang this gem above your bed and switch it on.

  • Bobby Pin Neon Sign

    Bobby Pin Neon Sign

    Light up the room with a led poppy pin neon sign

    Bobby Pin neon sign is perfect to brighten up a bedroom, living room, garage, office, Suitable for home, bar, coffee shop, store, dormitory, wedding, party, and events

  • Breathe Neon Sign

    Breathe Neon Sign

    Wall art decor with breathe neon sign

    Neon sign light ‘breathe’ features statement-making typography. Glass tubing provides a bright white glow, perfect unique decor for your home or office. This gorgeous script font neon sign is the perfect reminder to breathe while you’re hustling through a workout or moving through yoga poses! Hang it on the wall of your pilates or yoga studio.