Light Up Kid’s Room with Neon Sign Lights

LED neon signs are one of the most beautiful, unusual, and brightest types of interior decoration. The neon signs greatly attracted the attention of passers-by in the dark. Neon signs look great in the living room, where friends and relatives gather to spend time together in a fun environment. In addition, neon signs can be a good alternative to night lights, share your special ideas and attract attention.

Children’s Room LED Neon Sign

Neon signs create a romantic atmosphere in your room, perfect for your little princesses and princes. The neon sign is an ideal eye-catching choice for your home decoration or party, making simple life more colorful and interesting. Kids will love neon lights because of their brightness and the magical ability to keep monsters away! Pick a fashionable motive and see how your child feels about his newly lit room! Choose your favorite or customize your own neon sign at Neonlytes.

Girls and Boys Wall Decor Neon Signs

Where children rest and sleep, there should be special lights to wake them up, but they still feel unique and dynamic. The cute neon sign wall decoration is lightweight, durable, safe, and energy-saving for children. The neon sign is very bright, but our professional lighting technology will not harm children’s eyes. When the neon lights are on, there is no noise or heat. Our neon signs can be used in boys’ and girls’ bedrooms. It can illuminate the room with warm light, touch the heart of children, make them happy, and help them sleep.

Children’s Room neon sign

The lamp on the side of your child’s bed is too common. Do you want something more personalized to decorate her/his bedroom? Neon lights are the right choice. Exquisite neon signs replace dull lamps and add color to the room in the deepest color, creating a cheerful and lively atmosphere. In addition to the decoration of the children’s room, the neon sign can also add a special atmosphere to birthdays, Christmas, class reunions, or any gatherings and other activities. If the home decoration makes you feel that it is not sweet enough, then neon lights have played the right role.

Child Name Neon Sign

Say whatever you like in the glowing neon sign! Neon lights with names are one of the best decorations you can add to your bedroom, shed, and office. Children will like to see their names under the light, and they like to see the soft light before going to bed. In addition, the LED Neon logo is silent, child-safe, environmentally friendly, and reasonably priced. In addition to the child’s name, you can actually have a custom neon sign with any design you want, depending on where you want it to be displayed.

LED Neon Sign for Children’s Birthday

Children are naturally interested in shiny objects. Tired of ordinary lighting and cartoon toys, why not give them a new bright neon sign; it is an exquisite gift for children and a great choice for home decor or party decoration. If you are planning a birthday party, this sign is all that makes your day unique and special. With neon signs, you will add some uniqueness to your party decoration.

LED Neon Signs from Neonlytes®

We have great and affordable custom neon signs for you! Learn more about our fabulous collection of room neon signsart neon signsbedroom neon signsbar & beer neon signsfunny neon signscute neon signshome neon signs, etc.

Custom Neon Sign Lights or Neon Logo Online

Our online design maker allows you to be your own designer! You can take full charge of your custom neon sign. Different text, sizes, fonts, colors, packing styles, and dimmer are all available on our online designer-maker. Custom your ideas into real neon signs with our Online Neon Text Builder, or Custom Neon Logo Builder

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  • Aloha Neon Sign

    Aloha Neon Sign

    Lighting up your bedroom or living room with an LED Aloha neon sign

    This beautiful neon word sign would look cool above the bed in your room, or light up the walls of your home. It would also make a great piece of statement wall art in your beachy cafe, creating a real tropical feel!

    Personalize wedding decor with Aloha neon sign

    Spread the love with this gorgeous neon sign. This lit wall art will be the perfect complement to your wedding or engagement party, once again in your newlywed home!

  • Anchor Neon Sign

    Anchor Neon Sign

    Light up your bedroom with ANCHOR neon sign

    Use LED anchor neon sign as the perfect wall art feature to light up your walls! Show your style through neon wall art and choose the perfect size for your space.

    This neon sign is very suitable as a standalone artwork, an intimate gift, or a night light in a children’s bedroom.

  • Angel With Halo And Wings Neon Sign

    Angel With Halo And Wings Neon Sign

    Angel With Halo And Wings Neon Sign

    Create the most heavenly atmosphere with these celestial angel with halo and wings lighting up your wall. This light-up wall art would look good anywhere that’s in need of an angelic touch.

  • Balloons Neon Sign

    Balloons Neon Sign

    Room decor with balloon neon sign

    Make parties and occasions more memorable with this colorful ‘balloon neon sign’. The balloon design of this neon sign makes it more of a head-turner as passing customers can’t help but stop and see what’s in store for them in your balloon and party supplies shop.

  • Basketball Basket Neon Sign

    Basketball Basket Neon Sign

    Cute wall decor with basketball basket neon sign for basketball lover

    If you’re looking for a neon sign for your wall, try a few of our neon sports signs. You’ll be sure to love them! Who knows? Maybe with a little practice, you can be hot-shooting your way into the NBA.

  • Battery Charging Neon Sign

    Battery Charging Neon Sign

    Battery Charging Neon Sign

    Battery Charging Neon Sign is perfect to brighten up a bedroom, living room, garage, office, Suitable for home, bar, coffee shop, store, dormitory, wedding, party

  • Blue Moon Stars The Night Is Alright Neon Sign

    Blue Moon Stars Neon Sign

    Brighten up the bedroom with the blue moon stars neon sign

    You’ll be over the moon with this gorgeous blue moon stars neon sign light! To create the enchanting look of the night sky simply hang this gem above your bed and switch it on.

  • Bobby Pin Neon Sign

    Bobby Pin Neon Sign

    Light up the room with a led poppy pin neon sign

    Bobby Pin neon sign is perfect to brighten up a bedroom, living room, garage, office, Suitable for home, bar, coffee shop, store, dormitory, wedding, party, and events

  • Breathe Neon Sign

    Breathe Neon Sign

    Wall art decor with breathe neon sign

    Neon sign light ‘breathe’ features statement-making typography. Glass tubing provides a bright white glow, perfect unique decor for your home or office. This gorgeous script font neon sign is the perfect reminder to breathe while you’re hustling through a workout or moving through yoga poses! Hang it on the wall of your pilates or yoga studio.

  • Buddha Neon Sign

    Buddha Neon Sign

    Buddha Neon Sign

    Affordable neon signs for sale here! Buy Buddha Neon Sign & LED neon flex signs for home decor, weddings, events, business, and more

  • But First Coffee Neon Sign

    But First Coffee Neon Sign

    Light up the living room with but first coffee neon sign

    “But first coffee” neon sign. The first thing you do every morning when you wake up should be looking at this neon sign. The second thing should be brewing yourself a necessary cup of joe before starting your day.

  • Butterfly Flower Neon Sign

    Butterfly Flower Neon Sign

    Light up your bacony with butterfly flower neon sign

    Lighting up your own space with this affordable Butterfly Flower Neon Sign, Perfect for your home decor, wedding decor, bar & coffee shop decor.